Aspen’s Stormtrooper Barbie – Sunday Waffles by Halley O’Brien

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 3, 2013 8:36 pm

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There is nothing quite like a weekend escape to Aspen Snowmass in the summertime. The scenery is beautiful, the mountain biking is awesome and even the inanimate objects are friendly.

This wasn’t my first time mountain biking, but it was my first experience with an experienced biking coach. Kevin Jordan, Mountain Biking Coordinator at Snowmass, was heaven-on-wheels. He had so many helpful tips and tricks, many of which I would’ve never considered. (Because I’ve been killing it without training wheels for roughly two decades. Obvi.)

Featured Image_Aspen Biking

Once outfitted like Stormtrooper Barbie, we began our day on a paved area. I know, not very downhill-esque of us, but there was a method to his madness. We learned the ABC’s of our mountain bike – the proper stance, braking and cornering. From there, we applied our newly learned/refreshed skills in the Skill Park which was littered with bridges, berms, rollers and even a small tabletop jump.

Once we felt comfortable enough in the Skills Park, we headed up to the summit to embark on their beginner trail, Easy Rider. We crushed it (naturally) and graduated to Valhalla, a super fun black diamond trail. I even mustered the courage to try a small drop toward the bottom of the mountain. NAILED IT.

I highly recommend taking a lesson if you ever decide to try downhill mountain biking. I felt much more confident and had a way better time because of it.

See ya next time, kids.