First-Timers Use Terrain Based Learning at Jiminy Peak

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 2, 2014 1:29 pm

Jiminy Peak is a classic ski resort perfect for families located in western Massachusetts with a great beginner program. During my visit, I encountered people of all ages, shapes and sizes learning how to ski and snowboard for the very first time. The best part? They were ENJOYING their first on-snow experience thanks to incredible coaching and the intuitively designed Terrain Based Learning area.

Terrain Based Learning is changing the way people learn to ski and snowboard. In a true Terrain Based Learning area, you’ll find a bunch of snow shapes. Each step of the Terrain Based Learning process is designed with specific movements and sensations in mind. The shapes in the snow help first-timers drop in, slide, pump transitions, ollie, and link turns. It keeps their speed in check and teaches proper body positioning all while letting them have a fun first experience. If this terrain existed when I was learning to snowboard, my tailbone would be much happier with me. :)

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