Freeride Chronicles hits up Grand Targhee

Posted By: Freeride Chronicles on December 11, 2014 10:30 am

The Pacific Northwest is having an uncharacteristic slow start with warm weather and snow accumulation this year. Well, thats not the case at Grand Targhee where the Freeride Chronicles team spent the past weekend. With over a 100” of snow at Targhee, the crew loaded up the rig and headed south to get a little taste of that sweetness.

Locked and Loaded

Locked and Loaded

The Freeride team consisted of Desiree Leipham, Dan Herby, Jeff Yates, Erich Thompson and Alex Wohliab, who were all thrilled to see Targhee collect another 8” before arrival, covering up any indications of early season conditions.

Jeff Yates dropping in to the Lightning Trees over the Teton Valley

Jeff Yates dropping in to the Lightning Trees over the Teton Valley

Saturday December 6th was the group’s first day at the Ghee and was spent morning skiing off the Dreamcatcher chair lapping runs through Lost Warrior, Happy Hunting Grounds and the Lightning Trees, all offering plenty of snow. With perfect conditions and the fun factor pegging at 10, there was no need to venture anywhere else.

Dan Herby taking on the steeps at The Ghee

Dan Herby taking on the steeps at The Ghee

After lunch, the team spent the rest of the afternoon exploring new territory off the Sacajawea chair. The terrain was limitless as the they logged plenty of vert, and by 3:00 p.m., most everyone’s legs started talking. It was time for a cold one at the infamous Trap Bar. Later on, word spread  the mountain would be firing up the snowcat tomorrow and a half day of cat skiing was in the forecast.

Sunday morning arrived quickly and after a short ride to the top of the Sacajawea chair, the group laid eyes on a snowcat waiting to haul everyone under blue skies. Everyone stood atop Peaked Mountain and looked over the first run, a wide open, untracked run. The group turned it loose and charged down the untracked lines under crisp blue skies. By noon the team had done four runs through a variety of terrain from wide open glades to steeps and trees. Life is good!

Desiree' capturing the action

Desiree’ capturing the action              Photo:Howard Stoddard Images

Jeff Yates laying down the first tracks

Jeff Yates laying down the first tracks                   Photo:Howard Stoddard Images

As the trip came to an end, everyone agreed, it was money. Getting to go cat skiing was the perfect icing on the cake. Not a bad way to kick of the season!

Check out the video showcasing Freeride’s time at Grand Targhee-December 7, 2014.


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