The Soul Shred

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 22, 2012 4:15 am

I got out for a great “soul shred” today.  What the hell is a soul shred you ask.  Good question.  When pro skiers lose the light needed for shooting, or for whatever reason there’s no inspiration to work, sometimes you just go out to shred – because it’s good for your soul.  Today I finished work pretty early in the day, and I probably could have grabbed one of the photographers on the mountain and gotten some great shots in the evening light.  Instead, I headed out on my own just to enjoy an hour of pure skiing.  Skiing just to ski.  

Just like an evening trail run, or a sunset surf session, there’s something so healing about being out in the wilderness all alone.  Sometimes your soul craves it; you spend the day thinking about it, counting the moments until you get outside.  Other times it’s hard to kick yourself out the door, but once you do it’s obvious you’ll be happy about it later.

One of the best things about skiing compared to a surf session or a trail run is that once you get to the bottom you can turn around and look at your signature.  Your mark remains.  It serves as one last reminder of the beauty of why we’re out here.  For a moment in time life is simple – climb up, enjoy the view, shred down.  Nothing could be better.