Dual Finale: Copper Mountain’s Village Race Series Season Closer

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 19, 2013 1:49 am

Copper Mountain’s Village Race Series held its 2013 season finale March 14, with multiple teams and over 60 racers coming out to compete for titles and fun. The alpine series capped off with a double dose of GS, a regular two run race down Copperopolis, followed by a hand drop drag race dual on Copper’s NASTAR course.

Matt Fox and Scott Wilkins in Dual GS

Matt Fox and Scott Wilkins in Dual GS

The Village Series final definitely lived up to its community feel in how I found out about it, jumped on a team, and met familiar competitors from near and far. Visiting Copper from New York, I ran into Village Race MC, competitor, and Copper Masters coach Matt Fox out skiing. “Know about the Village Race finale tomorrow?” he asked. “Show up in the morning and you can probably talk your way onto a team.” Taking Matt up on a chance to get in some racing before heading to NASTAR Nationals, I did just that. Looking for a team, I ran into Laura Weninger, whom I know from Copper Masters and NASTAR Nationals. “Jump on. We have an open slot,” she said, and I became a member of the Colorado MetLife Masters Team, which included former masters coach Mike Klysa. GEN.ACTION.II

Team MetLife Colorado

Team MetLife Colorado: Mike Klysa, Jake Bright, Laura Weninger, Ainsworth Moncrieffe, Kim Rasmussen & David Feten

Others I recognized from the last several years of training and racing included Dillon, Colorado’s Lidia Young (known for her color coordinated pink race outfit, with style guidance by Fuxi), Szymon Wojciak (from Hunter/Windham Mountain tracts back east), and Thompson Tate, the gentlemen who loaned me his bib two years ago at Winter Park so I could run my second day at NASTAR Nationals after leaving mine at Copper. Topping off the village spirit of the series was Copper’s elder statesmen Frank Walter (also my grandfather) passing over and greeting competitors in the line-up for the second GS run from the Super-B lift. “The series has been around for more than 25 years,” said organizer Matt Fox. “It’s GS right now, but we may incorporate slalom in the future. There are team points run through the NASTAR system and individual points winners.”


Village Race Series Organizer and Copper Masters Coach Matt Fox

Thursday’s first GS women and men winners were Elizabeth “Booka” Smith and Robby Zehner. Dual GS winners were Jeanette Saylor and Broc Thompson. Overall men and women points leaders for the 2013 season were Jeanette Saylor and Broc Thompson. The Winning team for 2013 was Jensco Red, sponsored by Jeanette Saylor with members John Hayden, Don Johnson, Steve Jones, Jeanette, and Matt Fox… who also set the courses. GEN.ACTION

Look out for more Copper Mountain Village Race Series action starting next season.