10 Day Powder Forecast

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 1, 2011 12:42 am

Today at Eldora with 14 fresh for the large tribe of Powderchasers that were lucky for 1st chair in Corona Bowl! Here is Powderchaser Steve in action!

Weather Synopsis:

Northwest: After one of the driest Decembers on record the Northwest is returning to a more zonal flow as light moisture this weekend turns moderate to heavy by Wednesday and continues almost every 24-48 hours with even a larger system due in just before New Years. The pattern looks promising for the next several weeks! I will be issuing a powder alert most likely by early next week for the mid and late week storms! Snow levels should be around 2500 to 3000 feet. The Chase might be Crystal, Stevens, Baker, or Canada!

Rockies: December has been a month for heavy storms on the edges in spots like Eldora, Wolf Creek, Silverton, receiving excellent snow this month with everyone in the middle including the Wasatch and Tetons getting dragged into blocking ridges of high pressure. The long term outlook looks very good mid and late next week for Idaho, Wyoming (Tetons) and even better for Montana and points north. The Wasatch will eventually see more snow by mid next week and some of that will filter into Northern areas of Colorado however the models right now are showing the greatest amounts the further North you travel.
Let’s stay tuned for some Rockies Powder Alerts next week but most likely Wednesday at the earliest. The jet seams to sag further south by late next week! Temperatures next week warm to above average for higher snow levels.

Sierra: Light moisture is expected early next week with a chance of moderate precipitation by Wednesday however temperatures will warm considerably keeping snow levels very high and a better chance of moisture by the end of next week as the jet stream sags further South. (Late next week is better).

East Coast: This has been a rough December for the East however snowmaking is so good out there (Powderchaser learned to Ski at Bromley Resort), that conditions generally flow with the groomers! The long term prognosis looks better for January and my models are showing heavy moisture over the East in the New Years Day time frame. I am not certain right now on temperatures but moisture should hopefully break out in most areas around the last day of 2011. Southern areas tonight will see 2-5 inches so grab it now as your next chance is at least a week away!

PLEASE post your Powder Buzz and Video on the homepage!  We will take the best videos and put them on the website under “On The Road” which depicts the best powder chase of the week.

Happy Holidays!  Powderchaser Steve