Heavy Snow Expected Across Northwest and Rockies (Possibly Even the Sierras)!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 13, 2012 1:07 am

As we predicted 2-3 weeks ago the Models are finally coming together for some extended periods of heavy snow for the Cascades, Tetons, areas of Montana and Northern Colorado. The Sierra will see some action as well especially late next week! 

The Northwest will see an arctic blast of snow this weekend with levels at almost sea level by Sunday with moderate amounts in the 5-9 inch range. That cold front migrates into the Rockies bringing a quick blast of 3-6 inches to the Wasatch of Utah on Monday morning and dropping into the 4 corners of Colorado by Monday night.  The bulk of this moisture takes a path through Grand Junction, Aspen, Crested Butte, and Durango and Wolf Creek however amounts will only be in the 3-7 inch range. 

Heavy snow returns to the Northwest by Tuesday with much higher snow leves and migrates into the Montana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Northern Colorado by Wednesday night!  This storm will have much better moisture tap and will put the chase over the Tetons and Wasatch Wednesday-Friday!  The best intensity might end up over The Tetons and currently Thursday looks to be the best day to chase!   The Wasatch will also do well with this pattern of NW flow!   The best news is that the jet drops further South by the end of the week with snow continuing at times over the Northwest, Tetons, and Rockies through early the following week. Northern Colorado will see snow Wednesday -Saturday with light to moderate amounts however by Friday intensity could increase and weekly snow totals could be appreciable with this storm as the Jet sags further South.  I also feel confident for some moderate snow for the Sierra especially by late next week!  

Extended:   Good news!   Snow continues past next weekend through at least the middle of the following week.  I believe that many areas of the Rockies will do better in the long range as systems continue to pound the Cascades, Wasatch, Tetons, and perhaps the Sierra later in the period (Days 7-14 in the extended).  Colorado will also do well in the extended period with storms impacting a better portion of the State (North and South Regions) on week 2.  

The East Coast might have some moderate powder to chase by this Thursday as well as next weekend when a 2nd more potent system impacts New England.

See you on the slopes!  Powderchaser Steve!