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This is the first time I have pulled the trigger on the word “EPIC” all season however the next 7 days are going to be deep in many spots!  The Northwest is seeing light snow currently which will turn heavy by Tuesday morning and even heavier by Wednesday.  I would expect 2-3 feet of fresh LIGHT DENSITY SNOW by Thursday night and more perhaps closer to Oregon and the South Cascades. Snow will be light and fluffy until Thursday when a warm front puts it at moderate density.  The Cascades will see epicness in the next 4 days which will migrate to the Sierra and Rockies by Thursday!


RockiesWolf Creek  has 8-10 inches at this point (Storm #1) which will migrate into the I-70 corridor by 3pm today (3-7 inches likely from Aspen- North).  The Wasatch of Utah will see a quick 3-5 inches this morning with temps in the single digits and snowing lightly at Alta as of 9am. .  This will bring the quick 3- 5 hour snowfall to Steamboat, and all I-70 locations later today and tonight (4-6 inches likely and very cold temps).   Keep reading!


The EPIC alert will be for Wednesday-Friday and again Saturday/Sunday for the Tetons of Wyoming, Central Idaho, and the Wasatch of Utah. Light to moderate snow will break out over the Tetons Wednesday morning (Grand Targhee, Jackson Hole) and migrate into heavy dumpage Wednesday night and Thursday morning (11-18 Moderate to heavy density). TheWasatch of Utah will see 8-12 inches or more during the same period beginning Wednesday night of heavy density snow.  Colorado will see moderate snow from I-70 North (More at Steamboatand near the Vail Valley) after midnight Wednesday into Thursday (4-7).  Snow intensity might pick up further South in Colorado late Thursday/Friday in many areas with an additional 4-6 on Friday especially along I-70.    

<p>The <strong>Sierra</strong> will be very moist Wednesday-Friday with rain at lower elevations and snow higher up!  The colder air wont arrive into the Sierra until Sunday-Tuesday when the models are advertising a very large snow event for the Tahoe basin!!    This could be epic!</p>

Long Term:  Heavy snow returns to the Rockies this weekend for the Wasatch of Utah, Tetons, and North/Central Colorado with an additional foot or more of lighter density snow.  By late this weekend a colder and perhaps substantial snow maker slams into the central California and migrates over the central and southern Rockies Monday/Tuesday (Week 2).   This storm looks impressive and will bring additional Colorado snow to the southern and central zones as well as a good snow maker for the Sierra.

<p>Get out and enjoy the Fresh Powder!  </p>

Powderchaser Steve


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