Epic Alert: Wasatch, S. San Juans, N. Arizona and New Mexico

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 19, 2012 2:49 am

Just looking at snow data Sunday morning finding 12 inches overnight at Alta/Snowbird60 inch storm totals at Kirkwood (Last 2-3 days), and up to 10 inches at Park City where snow is falling heavily.  Temperatures were very warm under SW flow last night so early powder seekers in the Wasatch will be on a 10 inch dense layer with cold fluff (Another 5-10) on top since 3AM when the temperatures started to drop.  The San Juans of Colorado are just now getting into the action with my expectation of 14-20 inches by Monday morning. My picks in Colorado  would be Wolf Creek, Durango, Crested Butte and perhaps Telluride.

Snow in the Sierra is winding down with another 3-5 inches possible by tonight.

The Wasatch saw another 5-10 inches Sunday and a secondary low will crank out another 4-8 after midnight overnight. Monday will be another powder day there with openings of terrain that were closed today due to strong Southerly Winds and fresh snow from tonights moderate impulse.

The Colorado Central and Northern Mountains unfortunately will only see 3-6 inch amounts from this storm from I-70 North and primarily from 4PM today to 5PM on Monday.  Winds shift to the NW late in the period so there is a good chance of heavy snow showers over I-70 on Monday.

There was a tribe of powderchasers including Boulder based Blake that chased this storm from Colorado  to Kirkwood last week and are headed back to catch the deep in the Wasatch for Monday!   His goal is to make it back to Boulder by Tuesday night for work however from my experience Powder often takes priority. My guess is that as all snow ends by Tuesday he will make it! 

High Pressure takes hold mid to late week. 

Powderchaser Steve