Powder Alert: Sierra/Wasatch, Southern & Central Colorado

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 7, 2012 3:23 am

I don’t usually pull the trigger on Powder Alerts this far out however as our season is winding down the excitement of just 1 more day on the slopes in the fresh so why not stir up the powder community with a decent guess of moderate and perhaps heavy snow over the Sierra and Wasatch late next week!   Snowbird and Alta had 15 inches yesterday and all between 4AM and Noon (Very light density on top of a variable ice layer).   

Light snow will cover the Sierra Tuesday/Wednesday (3-5) with a break in the action Thursday until a low pressure system that sits offshore moves in bringing a good chance of 7-10 inches (Perhaps more), into the Sierra Thursday night and Friday.  The Wasatch of Utah will start to see snow late Friday night continuing into Sunday morning. Snow intensity might not be heavy so total amounts will be a build up over the 2-3 days and reach decent proportions by Sunday morning.  Snow levels may also be fairly high on Southerly winds.  Colorado should see snow begin on Saturday which at this point seems to favor the Central and Southern Mountains however the maps depict a bulls-eye over Steamboat and areas West towards Meeker by Sunday?  Wind flow tells me that this is a wild-card so the chase will definitely change as we get closer!  I think the 4 corners is a safe bet for Colorado.

This whole plan could fall apart since we are still a week out but my gut tells me keep the boards handy and be ready to stab another day on thes slopes! My confidence level at this point is greater than 50%!

Early Chase ideas?    Friday- Sierra,  Saturday, Wasatch, Sunday- Wasatch and Southern Colorado, Monday- Colorado Central and North

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