14 Day Powder Forecast: Snow for the Northwest in the Extended

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 15, 2012 4:39 am

The last storm that raced through Arizona and most Southern and Central Mountains of the Rockies and Wasatch left between 2-6 inches  at upper elevations. The Pacific Northwest will continue to see heavy rains until Monday night when a cold front brings perhaps the first light snow to all elevations above 4500 feet on Tuesday.  Light snow is likely over Wyoming, Montana, extreme northern Utah and possibly along the Wyoming/Colorado border on Tuesday night and Wednesday.  Whats going on with El Nino?  I thought most of the hype on the Southern mountains was a sure bet?  Weak El Nino or perhaps even Neutral (Neither El Nino or La Nina) can spare well for resorts on both sides of the fence so the fact that the Northwest looks wet in the 14 day charts is not a big surprise and perhaps a hint that El Nino was over hyped this year?


The charts are active with light snow likely over the Northwest next weekend migrating into Idaho, Montana,Wyoming by Monday October 22nd with colder air and perhaps moderate snow for the Tetons! Colorado and Utah should also see snow however most of the coldest air for now appears to be near the Wyoming border.  A stronger system impacts the Northwest around October 25th and could even impact areas as far south as the Sierra and eventually into the Wasatch of Utah by the 27th. Most of the cold air stays north so Idaho, Wyoming and the Wasatch stand the best chance for significant snow however this far out models are guaranteed to change!  The important thing is that they are trending wetter and colder so as you know Powderchasers will always try to bring you good news!   In some cases the anticipation is just as important as the actual chase!

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