Powder Watch: Sierra, Rockies & New England

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 14, 2013 1:15 pm

Has Spring really sprung?  Warm temps this week should give way to a more winter like pattern next week!

Please check out our latest Chase to Wolf Creek Colorado last weekend as the Powderchaser Crew caught some great video and an epic 2 days on the slopes

Heavy rain will continue to fall at lower elevations in the northern Cascades, with heavy snow falling at upper mountain locations in  British Columbia.   A general cooling trend will lower snow levels by Friday with light to possibly moderate snow falling in the Northwest into the weekend.

The Rockies will start to see some left over action on Sunday/Monday with moderate snow likely in central and northern Idaho, as well as southern Montana and the Tetons.  Most of the energy stays on the northern side of Utah where light to possibly moderate snow is likely.  The Tetons, and areas near Bridger Bowl stand a better chance to see moderate amounts (Sunday/Monday) to freshen things up.

A very wet pattern is evolving for the middle to end of next week with a Powder Watch being hoisted for the Sierra, Wasatch, Tetons, and Colorado.  The period from Wednesday through the end of next week will be active. Powder Alerts will be likely. New England also stands a good chance of a mid March Dump next Tuesday/Wednesday as a new storm edges up the coast.