Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 15, 2011 10:20 pm

When I talk to people about snowskating, the first question is usually, “How do you stay on that thing without bindings?” 

From now on I’m answering that with, “Surfers have been riding without bindings for centuries! It’s gravity, balance, and good grip.”  Thanks for the quote, Jeremy Jensen of Grassroots Powdersurfing!

Their next question is, “Where can I get one of those!?”

The answer to that should be something like, “Whoa there, you gotta try it first!  Go get outa those horrible bindings and take a run on mine!”  (Unfortunately though, not all snowboarders can be trusted.)

So really, the first step in purchasing a snowskate is figuring out what you like.  You should try a few!  Many snowskate companies have demo days, which I’ll be sure to blog about when they happen.  And, most snowskaters have spares for you to try if you just ask! 

Quick Anatomy of a Snowskate

In the Reno/Tahoe area there are a few snowskate options:

Ralston Snowskates are made in Gardnerville, Nevada.  In my eyes, you just cannot beat a Ralston.  It’s what I ride and love.  They come standard withRocker Trucks and a camber, bamboo-core ski which offers premium pop.  The ski is directional, and the side cut has been perfected for optimum carving.  The ski rides switch with ease, and the top deck has the most skateboard feel with great grip.

Minus 7 Snowskates are made in Truckee, California.  Minus 7 makes powder skates and park skates. They come standard with Rocker Trucks and a camber ski.  The ski is a true twin – great for switch riding.  The top deck has sealed sidewalls for durability.  Minus 7 top decks are fully customizable.

Lib Tech makes snowskates in north Washington, but because of their omnipresence in the snowboard world, their snowskates are carried in local Reno/Tahoe shops.  They have the most technological top deck and ski.  The top deck has grooves on the bottom along the sides, nose, and tail for grab tricks. The ski is rocker (for ease) with magnetraction  (for carve-ability.) They come standard with Bent Metal trucks.

So, “Where can I get one of those?!?!”

Ok, once you’ve picked out the one you want here’s where you can get them.

Ralston Snowskates will be sold at Shoreline in South Lake Tahoe and on their

Customize your Minus 7 snowskate by emailing them at

Get your Lib Tech Snowskate by coming to see me at Scheels in Sparks, NV!  We’ve got the brand new 2011/12 Lib Tech snowskate RIGHT NOW.  They are also sold at Shoreline in South Lake Tahoe.

These are just the snowskates available locally in the Reno/Tahoe area.  There are tons of other respectable snowskate companies like: FusePioneerFlorida PowderskatesCircuitChiller,Ambition0910DecemberPredogBoyd Hill, etc.