Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 21, 2011 10:43 pm

I recently found a snowboarding apparel company called OWE. Snowboarding based out of England. I was curious about their name so I looked around on their blog and found this explanation:

We OWE. Snowboarding for the countless laughs, opportunities and experiences we have had amongst friends and we want to give something back.  Snowboarding allows you to express yourself, however you ride, wherever you ride, whatever you ride. It is more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. Whether you are learning to link turns or are throwing cork 10’s off of monster kickers we all share a passion and that passion is snowboarding.

Although I frequently make fun of snowboarding and have been much less of a snowboarder since I discovered snowskating, I think that this vision is awesome!  And, I feel the same way.

I OWE. Snowboarding for an active and fit lifestyle, a passion for the outdoors, an appreciation and respect for nature, countless friends, (and lets be real; COUNTLESS boyfriends), and SNOWSKATING.  Things like my style and attitude have also been inseparably affected by snowboarding. 

If I had never discovered snowboarding, I might be a legging and scarf wearing, frizzy haired, pale, book worm, angsty, writer, living in New York, who’s over-all lonely and depressed, doesn’t know how she fits in to the world, but does like talking about it in her weekly existentialist support group.  Which would probably be fine, except that imagining a life like that sounds miserable compared to the life I have now.  So, thank you Snowboarding!

Anyway, I’m just glad to see that a company recognizes snowboarding and what it gave to us.  I hope you all check them out.  And, please comment about what you OWE. Snowboarding for!