October Turns, Gotcha!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 3, 2011 11:08 pm

Written by Kendra Wilson

It was close; I almost missed them, but I managed to get my October snowskate turns in this weekend!  This means unless there is some sort of traumatic event in my life, Mother Nature rebellion, or universal snowmaking machine failure, I will have snowskated every month of 2011!

“How?” you may ask.  Well, the exact details are top secret.  But, there were patches of snow that lasted all summer (which are still going strong) in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  They are accessible by 4wd and a smidgen of hiking. 

This weekend was especially unusual because there were patches of new 11/12 snow and old 10/11 snow.  Who else can say they snowskated two seasons’ snow in one day…in October? 

Overall, the snowskating this weekend was fun.  The old snow was really gravelly, and I got a few good dings in my Ralston Snowskate.  (I’m not too upset because I plan on getting a brand new skate this season.)  The sun cups had melted away with the rain a week or so ago.  So, at least the snow was smooth.  Both the new and the old snow were very firm.

I had some pictures I was going to post of the Epic October Snowskate Event, but they could have given away the location.  So, I had to burn them and lock up their ashes.  I may have already said too much.

Anyway, lots of people did get to ride snow this weekend because Boreal opened up, and somehow San Francisco got a big pile of snow downtown.  I think this kid helped.

All the pictures I saw of Boreal looked like it was a ton of fun.  But, it was ridiculously crowded out there.  I don’t know if snowskaters were represented, but rest assured; we were out there getting our turns in.

I guess we are just too snobby for the crowds and fake snow.