You Have Been Warned

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 4, 2011 11:10 pm

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Sierra Nevada College’s newspaper, Eagle’s Eye, published an article on snowskating a couple weeks ago.  The article was written by Jason Paladino. It included an interview with Justin Majecszky, comments by Ralston Snowskates owner Danny Sheehan, and pictures of Alan Gerlach, who would be my first draft for my fantasy snowskate team.

The article gave a brief but intriguing history of snowskating and mega props to Danny and Ralston.  It listed a few resorts in the Lake Tahoe area that allow snowskates like Heavenly, Kirkwood, Sierra at Tahoe, Northstar.  (It left out a few like Mount Rose and Donner Ski Ranch.)
Basically, the article warned you that snowskaters were going to be invading your resorts.  So this season, hopefully you’ll skip right over the “What is that?!?!” question, and get right down to, “Where do I get one of those?!”

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 If you didn’t click on Alan Gerlach’s name, here’s the AWESOME video that you almost missed.