Art of Flight Interviews

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 5, 2011 11:13 pm

Written by Kendra Wilson, Interview by John Zapata


My super official Field Reporter and Website Consultant, John Zapata, made it out to the Art of Flight premiere in San Francisco on November 3, 2011. The movie was amazing, but even more amazing is that John Z. got to sit down with Burton rider John Jackson and Lib Tech rider Travis Rice to discuss their thoughts on snowskating.


The interviews went something like this:

Project Snowskate: Do you have any history with snowskating?


John Jackson:  Well, when I first started out snowboarding, I would build little snowskate parks with jumps and features in the spring when the snow was starting to melt.  It was way fun!  I just used the single-deck snowskates not the bi-deck ones though.


Travis Rice:  Of course I’ve snowskated.  Snowskates are completely awesome.  In my opinion, Lib Tech is making the best snowskate out there right now, incorporating all the technology in their snowboards into the ski of their snowskates.  Magne Traction and all.





Project Snowskate: John, what do you think about the bi-deck snowskates?


John Jackson:  I’ve never ridden one, but I’ve seen people shred on those!  They look rad!






Project Snowskate: Do you think snowskating will ever become as big as snowboarding?


John Jackson: To get “as big as snowboarding,” snowskating would need to have significant investment by snowskate companies.  They need to push the sport into the lime light, which isn’t cheap.  So, it could and probably WILL happen.  But, how soon depends on when one (or a few) snowskate companies are going to take the plunge and push the sport as far as it will go.  Also, riders (or skaters?) need to continue to push the envelope as far as the progression of tricks and actual riding.  The process takes both investment and excitement.   The hype just needs to get out there!




Travis Rice:  Yes.  The progression that snowskating has made over the past 2 years is insane.  If that sort of progression continues over the next 2-3 years, snowskating will make it to the big time.  It’s getting super technical.  The advantage that snowskating has over snowboarding is the flip tricks.  It adds a whole new dimension to the sport that snowboarding can never touch, and it brings a new type of rider and riding style to the snow.  Snowskating is next.


Project Snowskate: The trick progression is really advancing to the next level.  Did you know there are guys out there throwing backflips and rodeos on snowskates?



John Jackson:  What?!?! No way!   Man, I had no idea it had even come to that.  You guys are on your way.  If there are guys throwing those kinds of stunts, snowskating is on its way…




- End Interview 


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