Slope Magazine Issue 3

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 12, 2011 11:23 pm

Written by Kendra Wilson

Yesterday, a new Issue of Slope Mag-The Snowskate Magazine came out.  It was chock-full of great content.

It gave an overview of interesting snowskating news to keep an eye out for such as The Awakening  movie which should be coming out ANY DAY NOW, the Skrill Clinton video which pretty much went viral, and the European Snowskate Jam which is going down in a secret location in France.

The stories featured were thought-provoking and included awesome pictures.

There was a story about a charity event that 0910 Snowskates got to participate in.  They did a snowskate demo, including a speech about snowskating (which got broadcasted on live TV), and then they introduced children to the sport by teaching them how to snowskate.

There was a sweet picture spread on powder surfing and lots of bi-deck awesomeness.

The magazine included a great interview with Chris Guyot who had this to say about snowskating’s future:
Snowskating is like snowboarding at its beginning, meaning lots of different types of snowskates are produced worldwide (bi-decks & flat decks), but at present it’s more about finding the perfect shape, weight, and soon…  Personally, I only ride bi-deck snowskates as I like snowparks and downhills, and I’m quite positive that this sport will grow really fast. In 10 years, there is going to be more competitions and more snowskaters to hang out with.  Being Part of snowskate’s birth is such an exciting experience!

I couldn’t agree more with Chris’ comments.

There was also this SIIIICK picture of Eric Debruyne on his Ralston Snowskate.


Check out the full issue by clicking here!