There IS a Difference

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 13, 2011 11:25 pm

Written by Kendra Wilson


I think I just had a revelation.  Let’s do an experiment.


When you read that word, what came to your mind?  Was it a flat-deck like this? –>

 <– Or, a bi-deck with metal edges like this.

There is no right or wrong answer, because both flat-decks at bi-decks are cool.  BUT, they aren’t the same thing.  And, when we call two different things by the same name, it naturally causes confusion.

Yesterday, I was talking to someone about how they don’t allow snowskates at Squaw Valley, and they said, “Well duh!  Snowskates are practically just sleds that you stand on.  You can’t even turn or stop those things.”

Then I said, “No, no, no. Those aren’t…well they technically are snowskates.  But, they are different. The snowskates that I’m talking about have metal edges and trucks that raise the top deck off the ground so you have enough leverage to carve and stop.”


“Oh, so that is ALSO a snowskate?” : /


Ah-hah! Could this be the reason that some resorts don’t allow “snowskates”?  We’ve got two different things that we are calling one name.  One of them is not at all suited for riding at a resort, but the other IS.

I’m not proposing that we change the name of either snowskate.  But, we have to be able to differentiate them from one another to mountain management.  AND, make it clear that we are not advocating for plastic snowskates without metal edges to be allowed all over the mountain, (although a snowskate park would be awesome!) Snowskates with metal edges and leashes should be allowed!

 Look forward to a future blog that goes into detail about the different types of snowskates (and where they should be used) including: Flat-Decks, Bi-Decks, 4x4s, Powder Skates, and Powder Surfers.  In the meantime, read this.