First Lift-Accessed Runs of the Season

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 23, 2011 11:49 pm

Written by Kendra Wilson

Today, I made it up to Heavenly for my first day at a resort this season!  It was sunny but a little bit chilly.  A little more chilly for me because I forgot my helmet and couldn’t find any sort of beanie in my mess of a car.  But, I put my hair up in a ponytail and tucked my ears in my goggle strap, and I was ready to go!

Then, as I was halfway to the gondola, I realized that I still had my barefoot shoes on.  I considered trying to ride in them for like one second, then I noticed that my feet were already cold, so I promptly and cheerfully went back to my car to put on my Keen snowskate boots.

I finally made it to the gondola!  But then, my pass wouldn’t scan so I had to go to the pass office.  I kicked it with the Cloquet guys in the pass office for a little while (since I have some family in Cloquet, MN), then I found out that the reason why my pass didn’t work is because I hadn’t turned in my credits to qualify for the college pass.  So, I pleasantly went across the street to print off proof of my full time status.

Anyway, I did eventually make it up to the snow.  And, just as I expected, the snowskating was by far good enough to make up for all the trouble. (Did I even mention how I locked my keys in my car on my way up to South Lake?)

I counted four snowskaters besides myself.  Three that I knew: Jeff NokkeoReek (does he have a real name?), and Lib Tech Dan.   Then, I met a snowskater that I hadn’t met before, which is always awesome!  His name is Boyd something or other and his girlfriend Fiona aka “Sweets.”

I took a few runs with Boyd and Fiona in the morning.  It’s awesome how complete strangers can become friends just based on the fact that they snowskate.  Then, I met up with Ralph the skierwho was super stoked on snowskating.  Ralph and I ran into Jeff at like 11:30 and we skated together for the rest of the day.

Heavenly had 2 lifts open: Dipper Express and Tamarack.  They had 3 runs open: Orion, Cascade Park, and California Trail.  Orion is a nice, long run, but it was a little brutal on the back leg for the first day up of the season.  Despite all my presnowskate yoga, my leg was on fire after my first run.  California Trail is a little bit shorter, steeper, and faster.  That was my favorite run of the day.  We had a little steep mogul track going.  It was a lot of fun if you missed the branches and dirt that we carved down to.

Overall GREAT opening day!  Can’t wait to get back up there next weekend!


Kendra, Ralph the Skier, Jeff Nokkeo.