Snowskating is Going Viral

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 1, 2011 11:52 pm

Written by Kendra Wilson

A couple months ago Ambition Snowskates posted a video called Skrill Clinton.  The video got tons of attention.  It was tweeted a several times daily every day for like a month.  The video is now at 75300 views and 278 likes. 

Instead of just letting the excitement surrounding the Skrill Clinton video fizzle, Ambition Snowskates did the smart thing and posted another video three weeks ago called Jam Pack. It was 7 minutes Jam Packed full of snowskate goodness.  Today, that video is at 35700 views and 165 likes.  On November 24th, when everyone was tweeting what they were thankful for, Tony Hawk shared the Jam Pack video on Twitter.  Flat deck snowskating is going viral!

Ambition Snowskates is doing this just right.  We should take notice and remember that we need to take advantage of the momentum that is built up when a new snowskate video drops.  We should try to replicate this success for bi-deck snowskates.  The Awakening is dropping on December 3rd, 2011.  Once it does, we need to make sure to follow it up with another video, or continuous new content while people are excited about it.  Thanks Ambition Snowskates for the great example. 

For your enjoyment, here is Jam Pack: