Interview with Justin Majeczky

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 2, 2011 11:56 pm

Interview by Kendra Wilson

Justin Majeczky is 23 years old and lives in Kings Beach, Ca.  He is the owner/producer/editor/etc. of  Varient3 Productions.  He was the mastermind behind this insane Alan Gerlach video and many other impressive videos.  He has partnered with snowskate companies as a media consultant.  He has been snowskating for 11 years and has insight into the world of bi-deck or double deck snowskating as well as flat deck snowskating.

 Explain your history with snowskating.

Back in 2000, I picked up an issue of Snowboarder Magazine and there was an ad for Premier Snowskates in there. The photo was Paco Reban doing a 360 shuvit over a gap. Coming from a skateboard background and being an avid snowboarder, it was a no brainer to me. I HAD to have one. So, that is what I asked santa for that year. I got an old NTL-1 Premier, an all plastic single deck that was about 5 inches wide. It worked in the sense that it rode down a hill. However, as far as doing ollies and tricks it failed miserably. Coming from the skateboard background as I mentioned earlier, I wanted to be able to ollie and do tricks. The following year I purchased a wood snowskate. It was like four wheel drive for snowskaing. It actually would pop and kick just like a skateboard did. With the addition of Xtreme Grip I could now kickflip and hard flip just like you can do on a skateboard. I sent in my footy from that year to Premier and picked up a sponsorship. This was the start of my obsession with snowskating.  I met up with Alex Blais the owner of Ambition Snowskates. We hit it off because we shared the same vision for snowskating. After two years of debating and careful planing, Alex launched Ambition Snowskates. They are absolutely the best single decks on the market right now.

What is in your snowskate quiver?

Ambition is nice enough to sponsor me so I am currently riding a few of their pro decks. As far as double decks go, I will be rocking a 34” top deck from Circuit Snowskates and a 36” sub from paco rebanRalston Snowskates this year. I also want to get my hands on a powder skate from Grassroots Powdersurfing. Hook a brotha up Jeremy! :)

What made you transition from flat-deck snowskates to bi-deck snowskates?

I am not sure I made a transition. It was more of having the ability to ride them at resorts legally. I just moved to Tahoe last year and its amazing the following that double decking has here. Take Heavenly for example. They have been one of the most open resorts in the world to snowskating and every time I go there I see 10 – 15 other snowskaters killing the park or just shredding down a groomer. Big ups to Heavenly! I was always hesitant to double deck because the footage I had seen the years prior was sub par in my opinion. However, I met Danny Sheehan owner of Ralston Snowskates and we hit it off. He was nice enough to donate a double deck to me. I remember the first time I rode was with my good buddy Jason Hogan at Heavenly. From the first time I rode off the lift I was hooked. No bindings, no clunky boots, just pure bliss. We rode the park all day and just took lap after lap. It’s safe to say that I do not snowboard more than I snowskate. I also ride all kinds of snowskates. It’s like a surfer, he has many boards for different uses. No single skate is better than another in a sense. I wish some of the old school double deckers would open their eyes to that one point. To me snowskaing is too much fun. That’s what it’s all about right, Fun?

What is the best part about snowskating, for you?

The best part of snowskating to me is knowing I am doing something truly different. I am not bound to my board. There are no limits, no max potential, no rules, just pure fun and enjoyment. Skateboarding on the snow, just like the forefathers of snowboarding were trying to do. What is funny to me is that snowboarders seem to have this negative, biased view of snowskaters (not much unlike skiers had of snowboarders back in the day). Shouldn’t we embrace one another like wakeboarding and wakeskating do?

What is the future of snowskating?

It’s really hard to say. I can say one thing though. Snowskating is here and it is not going anywhere. With companies like Ambition, Ralston, Grassroots, Circuit etc. pushing the progression of technology I do not see a limit. Being unbound to your board gives you the ultimate freedom. We will see people doing kickflip indys in the snowboard parks, Ambition will further push the street skating scene to skateboard levels and beyond, and Jeremy Jensen and his crew will be shredding steeper and deeper as time goes on. The future is very bright!

What pitfalls do you think the sport should watch out for? What could ruin snowskating’s future?

The single biggest thing that I cannot preach enough about is respect. This goes for when you are on the mountain and internally between different types of snowskates. You are no better than a snowboarder because you are bindingless. Get that through your head first and foremost. I have seen it too many times where there is some kind of comment made between snowskaters and snowboarders about how “I don’t have bindings and that makes you a pussy if you have them.” That is the biggest amount of ill logic I have ever heard. I have also heard countless comments within the industry of double deckers hating on single deckers and vice versa. NO SINGLE SKATE IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER. Why not ride both kinds? They are both fun, I promise.

How do you feel about resorts that don’t allow snowskates?

I have many older friends who compare this to the same situation when snowboarding was on the up-rise and ski resorts wouldn’t let them in. Essentially it is the same thing. They are simply behind the times. I don’t understand why they would not let snowskaters ride their mountain. Our money is green too right? I think it will take a bit of education on the resorts side to know exactly what a snowskate is, how you load and unload the lift, the use of leashes etc. It will happen one day soon. I will be working in conjunction with Ralston this year to produce a few educational videos that we can submit to resorts in an effort to get it legalized everywhere.

What is your Snowskate Confession?

 I dont have any personal stories that I can think of… What I do love about snowskate trips is hanging with Phil Smage. Never a dull moment with this kid. He does some of the funniest stuff and always has a smile on his face. I remember a few instances of him telling a group of older women that they were “ooooolllddddd” at the 2006 winter X games in a van from the condo to Buttermilk. That made for the most awkward trip in a small bus so there was no escaping their death glares. I also remember him telling a good looking lady in a super market that she had “nice buns” as she was holding a bag of hamburger buns. It’s kinda one of those “you had to been there” stories but I guess my favorite part about snowskating is not the skating itself. It’s the fun times you spend with the everyone off the snow.