Snowskate Mythbusters

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 6, 2011 12:02 am

Written by Kendra Wilson

This weekend John Zapata, Jeff Nokkeo, Pat Bonser, Trista Kelver, and I made it up to Heavenly and Kirkwood for a weekend full of shredding…and hard work.  We were very busy filming a hopefully very poignant video about snowskating at resorts.

The name of the video is Myth Busters, and the idea behind it is to address all the reasons why some resorts don’t allow snowskates and prove them wrong. 

We started at Kirkwood where we filmed the intro, some skating footage, and lift footage.  I have to mention that Kirkwood was super awesome, because they honored my Heavenly/Northstar pass, which was GREAT because I was blacked out on Saturday.  I thanked them by buying lunch at the lodge and thanking them in this blog.  :D Thanks Kirkwood!  Also, I’d like to give a shout out to Mountain Manager Mike D. who rode the chairlift with us and was super stoked on snowskating.  He said himself that “Kirkwood allows snowskaters because we are a PROGRESSIVE mountain.”  Love it!!  We saw 4 other snowskaters at Kirkwood on Saturday: Lib Tech Dan, Cory, and The Lost Hawaiian Boys (who just started snowskating!)

Sunday we went to Heavenly which had opened up more of the mountain than the previous weekend.  They had opened Big Dipper and Comet in addition to the runs they had open last time. We filmed some skating footage, transitions, and the outro.  At Heavenly, snowskaters present were:  Lib Tech Dan, and his crew again (including the lost boys who were shredding day TWO), Michelle, and Kristof.

This week John Zapata was tirelessly working on editing all the footage into a legit video.  I basically told him my structural vision and let him go at it.   He is a mastermind video architect!  I’m really proud of the work he did.

So, here is the deal.  We have to share this video.  We must get this into the hands of the resorts that don’t allow snowskates.  I’m not asking you to get all spammy, but share this video with your fellow snow enthusiasts, the resorts that you love, and the resorts that we are asking to change.

Once this video gets 2000 views, we are going to publish a Bloopers Reel which will be sure to entertain.  So get out there, and SHARE THIS VIDEO!


Watch the video on YouTube for the best quality.