A Night of Glitz, Glamour and Gnarliness

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 7, 2011 12:03 am

The Awakening premiered at Mo’s in South Lake Tahoe on Saturday night.  The video was awesome.  The party was going off.  Almost every must know snowskater in the area was in attendance.  Well, too many to name anyway.

Now, let’s get to the real story.  What were the stars wearing and who were they escorted by? 

The Minus 7 crew was present, and they were all dressed to the T adorned in Minus 7 gear head to toe.  One stand out piece was Boozer Daly’s baby blue “We are Minus 7” hoodie.  It was marvelously paired with a pair of casual blue jeans.  Genius!   Jamie Linker was escorted by the lovely Shannon.  Patrick Jerome was seen making flirty glances toward his beautiful wife Kasey.   Kurt Zapata decided to wear a shirt and shoes to this event desipite the fact that he doesn’t always, even while riding snow.  He was accompanied by the sophisticated Jill, looking purely amazing.

The Ralston crew, known for their Avant-garde hair styles, did not disappoint. Pat Quinn toned down his radiant red hair with a strategic beanie which was quite fitting for the occasion.  Reek pulled his bountiful dreadlocks back into a sleek and sexy evening bun.  Pat Bonser went au-natural and had a windswept yet immaculate doo. Despite the rumors, he did not wear his fancy pants.   Instead, he wore a simply elegant white Ralston Tee, which was a bold choice that he pulled off flawlessly.  Danny Sheehan was exceptionally evasive.  However, I’m sure I spotted him wearing one of his trademark plaid flannels.

Let’s not forget the host.  Sean Davis, when asked who he was wearing, unbuttoned his collared shirt to show off his LibTech Tee.  Sean and Shaneen were spotted sneaking kisses throughout the evening.  How sweet!

 Obviously, these people are the snowskate trendsetters of our time.  Stunning boys, just stunning.