Christmas Shopping Secrets Revealed

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 2, 2012 12:51 am

We all know how difficult Christmas shopping can be.  It’s always a little bit stressful picking out the perfect gifts for your hard to shop for loved ones.  This year, I had three snowskaters to shop for: my sister, my brother, and Pat Bonser.

I got all my snowskate accessory shopping done at  They have all the must have accessories for your beginner to advanced snowskater.  From leashes to trucks to stickers, they’ve got you covered.

My sister is new to snowskating.  She had been using a second hand leash that was scoff-worthy.  So, I got her this leash that is made of a tough urethane.  It doesn’t drag and it has swivles on both ends to ensure it doesn’t tangle.


My brother had never been snowskating, but we actually went on Christmas day and he had so much fun, just like I knew he would.  Since I was so sure he was going to love it, I got him this Predog belt.  It was ultra perfect for him because he has a new little bull dog puppy. 

Pat Bonser was tricky.  What do you get the snowskater that has EVERYTHING!?  Trucks of course!  With Predog’s trucks you can buy two pair and switch out your ski to accommodate powder or park with the pull of a pin!  I only got him one pair, but he was so stoked that he’s going to buy the other pair to make his dream of easy, quick swapouts a reality!  I also got him a leash, because you can never have too many especially when you are lending out your skates to new friends on the mountain.

As far as the logistics of shopping on go, I have never had a better online shopping experience.  I was unsure about the hole pattern for Pat’s trucks so I just messaged Predog on Facebook, and I got a response within seconds with the answers to all my questions.  They even suggested the idea of getting an extra leash and stickers for stuffing stuffers!  Great ideas!  All you need to do is create a PayPal account and the checkout process is so easy!  They shipped my merch same day, and I got everything in time for Christmas!

So, next Christmas stop by for all the snowskaters on your list!  Or, did you botch Christmas this year?  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I’m sure your sweetheart will love this Predog hoodie!