Skaterhood of the Traveling Pants

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 11, 2012 1:03 am

In a strange and interesting turn of events, I have bestowed my purple snow pants to a fellow snowskater. Within these pants, I was able to progress my snowskating immensely. The only explanation is that these pants are a mystical pair.  I’m sure you’ll agree once you see all the places these pants have taken me.  It is up to Quinton David to allow these pants to take him where he never dreamed possible. 

Here is the story:

Quinton David is in the Tahoe area filming for an upcoming snowskate film.  He resides in Canada and has not developed many real world American skills just yet.  For example, he is afraid of hitchhiking, is bad with directions, and doesn’t have the manners to not drink the last of your milk.  I assure you these are cultural differences, and the Canadian should adapt to the norms of this country in no time.

Last night I arrived in South Lake Tahoe to find Quinton sewing his 10 day old pants.  They were obviously very well destroyed, and his poor sewing skills were not up to the challenge of mending them.  Fifty safety pins and a spool of thread later, he declared that the pants should hold up to at least a half of day of snowskating.  Although I was skeptical, I did not say a word.  The next morning, when he tried to put them on, all the stitching busted right away.  It became clear that they would just not work at all.  I realized at this moment that it was the destiny of my purple pants to go with Quinton.  I offered the pants to him and he thankfully accepted them.


Purple Pants tapping the tip of the pyramids!

I can only hope that, if Quinton ever crosses paths with another pantless snowskater, he will remember that the destiny of the pants is something greater than himself and graciously give them up to the next snowskater in need.

Bon voyage fuseau de snowskate!

The embellishments of this story were entirely fictional.  I would like my pants back before you go home, Mr. David.