Minus 7 Emerges Victorious at the Battle of the Bowl

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 13, 2012 1:05 am

Sugar Bowl that is.

Today, Sugar Bowl announced to Minus 7 Snowskates that they will begin to allow snowskates effective immediately.  I contacted Minus 7 to congratulate them in their efforts and get the scoop on how they were able to convince the resort to allow snowskating. 

Minus 7 used social media to repeatedly ping the resort to let them know that snowskaters are still out there and are still willing to pay to ride at their resort, if they ever change their policies.  Jeff Nokkeo was the spearhead in the social media frenzy.  He encouraged other snowskaters to post on Sugar Bowl’s Facebook page by sharing Sugar Bowl’s status updates and asking skaters to be vocal about their desire to ride there.

Subsequent to the multiple comments on Sugar Bowl’s Facebook wall regarding snowskating, Minus 7 emailed the Risk Management department and began a dialog with Nicole Lieberman.  They informed them of the safety standards of snowskating such as metal edges and leashes.  They offered to meet in person to answer questions and discuss Sugar Bowl’s potential inclusion in upcoming snowskate events.  They shared the teaser for The Awakening which showcases snowskating’s best athletes and also shared the Myth Busters video which illustrates the ability of snowskates to be ridden at resorts safely.  They followed up with emails reiterating that they would love to hear back from them and look forward to snowskating their resort.

And, wouldn’t ya know it? It worked!!  Today, they received this email:

Hi Minus 7,

I can’t remember if I got back to you or not but… Yes will now allow snowskates. Thank you for educating us on the advances in the sport.


All the best, Nicole Lieberman,
Director of Administrative Services
Risk Management
Sugar Bowl Corporation

Thank you Minus 7!  Thank you Sugar Bowl!!!  This is the second time recently that a snowskate company has helped make progress with ski resorts.  Now, get out there and share this video with your favorite resorts that currently refuse snowskates and let them know how much you want to ride there!  Keep it positive.  Keep it professional.  But, don’t afraid to be persistent!


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