Ladies Roll Call Please

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 18, 2012 1:20 am

I want to see more ladies up at the resorts snowskating, pronto!  On Friday, a lifty at Northstar told me, “Whoa, you are the first girl I’ve ever seen on one of those things [a snowskate].”  It was kind of discouraging because I KNOW there are girls out there that shred.  AND, I’ve been snowskating Northstar all season!  I don’t know where this guy has been, but ladies are ripping on snowskates. 

I know of lots of snowskater girls like Jill Zapata, Mathilda Spiers, Michelle Hickman, Terili Wilson, Heather Hawkins-Star, Katie Naylor, Melissa Spiers, Nancy Haley, Tara Curtis, Alyssa something, and Brian Wilson’s mom… I think that is it.  Who else is there?? 

If you are a girl and you snowskate, I want to know you!  Let me know who you are, where you ride, and it would be rad if you comment any vids or pictures you have of yourself shredding on a snowskate!

Heck, if you are a girl and you WANT to snowskate.  Let me know, I’ll find a way to get you on one for a few runs!

To get this started, here is Katie 50-50ing a box…

Mathilda has some great footage too, but I can’t figure out how to embed it…