Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 25, 2012 1:40 am

In 2011, with more snow in the summertime than we have had so far this winter, we experienced Mayuary, Junuary, and Julyuary.  So far, 2012 has been warm and dry. Januly has been brutal for dedicated snow enthusiasts.  Some blame global warming, but the real cause was revealed yesterday. Apparently, Mother Nature was holding back on winter until Ralston Snowskates could complete their new line of snowskates.

Ralston released these pictures of the new shop as well as product availability and prices.  Owner Danny Sheehan had this to say about the season so far, “it looks like old man winter has been waiting for me to get my act together and winter is hitting the west coast in a big way.”

All I can say is I’m SUPER excited to ride my new Ralston ski (or sub-deck) on a pile of fresh snow this weekend (fingers crossed!).  And, Danny, you better be on the ball next year because I don’t want to have to wait until late January to ride natural snow! 

Here is some product availability information I was able to scrounge up this morning:

Ralston Snowskates
Completes: $299

Subs: $175


Grip: $15

 Trucks: $55

Top Decks: $60

Available Online (send an email confirmation as the shopping cart may not be accurate.)


Pioneer Snowskates
Completes: $225-$425
Top Decks: $50-$65
Trucks: $25-$75
Grip: $15
Available Online


Boyd Hill Snowskates
Subs: $250-$285
Trucks: $65
Available Online

Minus 7

Order by E-mail

Fuse Snowskates
Word on the street is that they’ll be coming out with some new bi-deck skates soon!  Keep an eye on their website for updates!  For now, maybe you wanna give the 4x4s a try??
Available Online

Or, if you only use the internet to access and aren’t the type to shop online, Shoreline of Tahoe has complete Lib Tech Snowskates available in the store for $340.

Check out Predog Snowskates for all your snowskate accessory needs!

Happy shopping!  LET IT SNOW!