Ralston Snowskate Review

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 26, 2012 1:43 am

I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands on a new Ralston sub-deck (or ski).  I have last season’s top-deck and last year’s rocker trucks.  I put my set up to the test over the last few days and this is my review of the 2012 Ralston standard sub-deck. 

The first day I rode my new set up was a Sunday which was stormy with about 10 inches of fresh snow at Northstar.  Terili and I went up for an afternoon session.   We stuck mostly to the groomers.  Ralstons carve like a dream and making big, fast, deep carves on the open groomers was as good as it gets. 

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I haven’t tried the mini, but the standard ski is small enough for me to be able to muscle the tail around to add some roosts to my slashes.  It has great edge hold on the packed snow.  The ski has enough flex to manual and nose press with ease.  The skate pops as good as ever.  I took advantage of this hitting a few of the kickers in the park.  And, I was able to nail a few board slides on some boxes. Check, check, check, check, check, check.

Today, I really put my skate to the test by taking some powder and packed powder runs.  Obviously, the standard Ralston ski is not a powder ski, but I have to say it held up VERY well.  I am not an expert powder skater, and I was able to link some turns that were so amazing, I didn’t even care to pull out my snowboard…on a powder day!  Apparently, there is no way to not have fun on this year’s Ralston.

The new ski design really takes us back to the roots…or perhaps I should say the CORE of snowskating.  The Ptex on the base is translucent so you can see the bamboo core.  The graphic on the bottom is actually crafted on the core material so you view it through the Ptex.  The top sheet is white, perfect for stickering!  It definitely doesn’t have the pizzazz that last year’s design did, but it performs just the same, has the same shape, and holds up even better.

You shouldn’t have any reservations about buying this year’s Ralston.  It is worth every penny! And, at $299, you can’t beat the price! Cha-ching!