Fuse Derby Recap at Crested Butte

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 15, 2012 1:59 am

The first annual Fuse Derby was held this weekend at Mt. Crested Butte Colorado. The posters boasted a slope style contest, powder riding, an after party and a “Bonser-esque” Back Yard Session. Fuse Snowskatesdid not disappoint with a creative slope style contest, back yard powder, jumps, and jibs, and an after party which raged until well after last call.

Crested Butte was an awesome host resort. Snowskates are allowed everywhere on the mountain. They have 3 terrain parks with a ton of snowskate friendly features, jumps of all sizes, and a half pipe. Registration was $20, and the competitor lift tickets were $39. Registration got you a tee-shirt, a score card, four drink tickets, a chance to place, and a guarantee to leave with some swag if you stuck it out until the end.

The contest was set up with a golf theme. Nine “holes” were set up across the three terrain parks. Each hole was a Par 4 and consisted of one or more terrain park features. In Round 1, each competitor scored themselves. A “stock hit” scored a Par. A technical hit scored a Birdie. A super clean, super technical hit scored an Eagle. And, any never before seen, clean snowskate trick scored an Ace. Hand drags and other sketchiness added a point. Bails added two points. The three lowest scores progressed to the Finals.

There was a bunch of talented snowskaters in attendance including a few representing Tahoe, Idaho, Oregon, and of course the locals from Colorado. Competitors Sean Davis, Matt Quam, and Reek Ellis advanced to the finals. The final round was scored by judges. All three competitors threw it down and nailed some insane tricks. It was too close for me to call, but Sean ended up taking 1st, Reek took 2nd, and Quam took 3rd.

Fuse unveiled their newest product lines featuring single and double deck snowskates. First place prize was a brand new,practically warm off the press Fuse snowskate. They look awesome, and I look forward to trying one out as soon as possible. If you want to be snowskating on the latest and greatest from Fuse, get on their website and buy one of these beauts as soon as they’re available!  Other prizes included Predog trucks and scrapers, Anonymous leashes, hoodies, and hats, Fuse skateboard decks, Snosk8 gear, and so much more!

The after party started pretty mellow with dinner and a few pitchers at The Avalanche. Pain Killers, one of The Avalanche’s signature drinks, were delish and very necessary after a day of hard thrashing. Then, we took a shuttle to Kochevar’s, and things got crazy. A local band, Coreshot, rocked the bar for hours and gave props to Fuse and all the snowskaters that competed throughout the show.

Sunday was the backyard session and the powder mission. The backyard session lived up to the “Bonser-esque” name, perhaps because Fuse recruited Pat Bonser himself to help design and construct it. There was powder of plenty and the whole back yard was thoroughly slashed. The grand finale was watching Fuse owner, Paul Elkins, launch the most intimidating snowskate jump in history. No one else was crazy enough to hit it. Keep an eye out for footage of Paul hitting this thing in future snowskate movies. I think I spied some filmers shooting, and it was definitely film worthy.

There was so much more good stuff including free riding Crested Butte, industry mingling, viewings of Livin the Dream and The Awakening, and much more. If you want to know all the details, you better just show up next time!

Bottom line: The Fuse Derby is a must attend for any top level snowskater and everyone involved in the snowskate scene!

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