…And, we’re back.

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 21, 2012 2:01 am

I fried my hard drive and have been completely disconnected from the internet world for the past two weeks. Big thanks to Christian Karpy and Samsung for getting me back online! (PS. the next electronic device you buy should be a Samsung. I sent them my broken computer and they sent it back with a brand new hard drive FOR FREE and super quick!)

Alright, so although I’ve been out of touch, I’ve been thinking about a big task for ProjectSnowskate to work on. Here it is, if you have any suggestions or comments, don’t be shy!!

I’ve spoken with several snowskate advocates who believe it is time to form some sort of snowskater’s association. Initially, I was not convinced. My question was WHY? I was concerned that creating a sort of governing body of snowskaters would just regulate and restrict the sport, and I didn’t see any benefits. And, then I thought about this:

Commission: If we break down the word, we have two parts. “Co” as in cooperative. And, “mission” as in pursuing a goal or objective.

Aren’t we all, as snowskaters, on a “co-mission” to enjoy, progress, and protect the sport of snowskating? I think so.

I thought about all the confusion about what snowskating actually is. I thought about how olympic snowboarding became governed by the International Ski Federation, and snowboarders couldn’t do ANYTHING about it because the International Snowboarding Federation was not strong enough. I thought about how much snowskaters and snowskate companies have struggled over that past decade to make every step toward progression and acceptance, and then I thought about that all just fading away because we could not come together to make this finally succeed.

Then, I thought about the benefits some sort of organization could actually offer. We could legitimize the sport. We could make and communicate real decisions on leash specs and other safety issues. We could take control of our sport and make SURE that we don’t suffer the effects of poor organization like snowboarding did.

Let’s start something.

I’m researching what we need to do. Brian Wilson from Anonymous has been working on this too. I’ve talked with Fuse Snowskates and Premier Snowskates who are also behind this idea. Imagine a committee including a representative from every snowskate company along with influential snowskaters. We all have different ideas, but I’m positive that there are things that we can all get behind and support.

Now, tell me your thoughts!

Is this too much? “International Commission for the Enjoyment, Progression, and Protection of Snowskating (ICEPPS)”  I think so.  I need help with a name!