Ralston Cup 2012 Recap

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 13, 2012 2:46 am

This year the Ralston Cup drew more than 50 competitors from all around the nation and beyond! California, NevadaWashington,Colorado, Minnesota, Maryland, and even Canada were represented! There were enough competitors for jam-packed Pro and Amateur Divisions, and healthy sized Youth and Women’s Divisions too!

The whole course was roped off for snowskate use only. Skaters got to be really creative with their lines because there were a bunch of features to choose from. Spectators trickled in all day long. The crowd was hyped to see the top-level of snowskating.

And, the skaters did not disappoint. Everyone rallied hard to put together their best runs because competition was heavy! If there is a place to lay it all on the line, it’s the Ralston Cup. Some riders were able to stomp BIG, clean lines. There were some big bails, but the point is, no one was riding mediocre. Everyone was going all in!

The Youth Division was very impressive this year! It was stacked with little rippers age 15 and younger. These kids were hitting rails and nailing flip tricks, it was ridiculous! First Place went to Pioneer rider Dustin Orr. Second Place was Pioneer’s Adrian Rasmussen. Third Place went to Predog rider Aidan Spiers.

The Women’s Division was very competitive with some of the best lady riders around. Predog’s Mathilda Spiers and Michelle Minahan Hickman were raging all day, relentlessly hitting every feature in sight. At the end of the day, Randi Rettke for Pioneer won First. Tara Atkins of “Travis and Tara” took Second, and somehow I squeaked in Third. It was such an honor to ride with all these super skilled women!

Competition in the Amateur division was deeeeep! Jamey Linker schooled all the young kids by taking First with STYLE. John Zapata took Second with a super clean run at the end and his dedication to an evasive kickflip stomp. Jason Silas all the way from Washington placed Third.

The Pro Division was insane. Fuse Derby winners Sean Davis and Reek Ellis were present and raising the standards for the division with each run. I was super impressed with Joachim Bronzich who stomped clean line after clean line all day. The Minus 7 crew was charging hard as usual.  Third place and $100 went to Jommy Smith who made every hit look effortless. Second place and $200 went to Mark Spicolli who coined the “Tree Sixty” by planting a 360 boneless off a tree, then like it was no big deal, he threw down a huge Christ Air. Then, Alan Gerlach showed up, went bigger than anyone hands down, and took home a First place flask and $600.

…And then, it was off to the Bonser Pipeline!

Big thanks to Sierra-at-Tahoe for hosting this event, Ralston Snowskates and Danny Sheehan for making the event happen!

Photos provided by Jason Hogan of Rose Street Studio.