How to Get Off a Chairlift

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 15, 2012 11:47 pm

Written by Kendra Wilson,

Alright, the season is just about to really get started. Boreal Mountain is already open. Heavenly and Northstar are opening this weekend. And all three of these resorts allow snowskates! Good thing we’ve been doing our yoga poses to get ready for the season. But, now we need to learn how to get off a chairlift with our snowskates. It’s super easy, but here are step by step instructions:

Step one: (getting on the lift)
Skate up to the lift loading line keeping one foot on your snowskate and pushing with the other foot.
When you get to the loading line, pick up your snowskate.
When the chair comes around, sit down.

Step two: (enjoy the ride)
Take some time to explain to the people next to you WHAT a snowskate is and how fun it is.
Watch some people take some runs, giggle a little bit about the latest snowboard clothing trends.
Appreciate that you don’t have a big, heavy snowboard hanging from your leg for the whole ride.

Step three: (get ready)
Make sure your leash and loose clothing is not hooked on the chairlift

Turn your snowskate around so the ski is facing in front of you, and the grip is facing you.
Rotate your body while sitting so you are in position to ride off.

Step four: (ride off)
Position your back foot on the snowskate and drop your snowskate on the snow (your back foot will stabilize the skate so it doesn’t get away from you.)
Put your front foot on the snowskate, and stand up.
Ride down the ramp.

Step 5: (take a run)
Remember, you don’t have to strap in to you bindings; you’re snowskating now!
Go ahead and continue down the run, unless you have to stop to wait for your snowboarding friends, or turn on/off your GoPro.

That’s it! Doesn’t it sound easy? It is! My little sister has no problem doing it, and she’s brand new to snowskating! That means, you can do it too! And, you must! The number one reason why snowskates aren’t allowed at some resorts is because they consider us foot traffic. If we ride up to and off of the chairlift, we cannot be mistaken for foot traffic.

So, get out there and show them that we are NOT foot traffic. Here is a reminder about how to be a good ambassador of our sport. Below is a fun video to watch which demonstrates how to properly get off the chairlift on a snowskate!