Gear Guide: Powder Surfer Edition

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 6, 2012 4:57 am

I’m compiling a Gear Guide which will include Snowskates, Powderskates, Accessories, and Powder Surfers. Originally, it was going to be one post. But there is too much good stuff! So, I’m breaking the guide up into 4 posts. First up is Powder Surfers! Enjoy!

 From Grassroots Powdersurfing:

The Powder Skate.

If you are in to riding the deeps, boosting off jumps, throwing in a flip trick, and riding away switch. Twin shape and reverse sidecut give this board the versitility and surfy feel that Powdersurfing is all about. Available in 140cm and 120cm.
Wood Base: $349.99 Sintered Ptex Base: $379.99



The Powder Slut.

All your buddies are gonna want to ride her? This stick is stable and floaty, poppy and surfy. The rounded fang tail allows it to bite into smooth turns. This surfer is going to make your buddies jealous. It’s up to you whether or not you’ll share. Available in 140cm.
Wood Base: $349.99 Sintered Ptex Base: $379.99





The sidecut makes for stable and easy directional riding. And, with a little work, you could make this thing ride switch too. A great board to learn and progress on. Available in 140cm and 120cm.
Wood Base: $349.99 Sintered Ptex Base: $379.99



The Powder Shark
is your ride if you are in to speed and big open terrain turns. With the big swallow tail combined with this sidecut, you’ll give up some agility and surfy-feel for serious speed. Available in 140cm. *If speed is your game, better go Ptex.
Wood Base: $349.99 Sintered Ptex Base: $379.99



The Bullet
is one of Grassroot’s custom shapes that has got you covered if you aren’t quite sure that there is enough fresh stuff for a Pow Surfer. You need this stick built with a narrower waist to get you through the shallows, and fast! Available in 140cm.
Wood Base: $390 Sintered Ptex Base: $420





The Phish is another customizable surfer – available in a swallow tail and round tail. This surfer is for the deeps. It is designed to keep its nose up. Available in 140cm. *Wanna ride away switch? Go for the round tail.
Wood Base: $390 Sintered Ptex Base: $420




From December Snowskates:

The 80′s Board (Pictured) is a throwback to the soulful roots of powder surfing, with a few upgrades including grip and ptex base. This fully customizable swallow tail board is available 125-146cm, flat, camber, or reverse camber.
The Deep Shred Skateboard (Not pictured) takes powder surfing into the next generation. It’s a twin shaped, reverse camber, and reverse sidecut stick that allows for agility and versatility.
Each starting at $250






From Circuit Snowskates:

Circuit Snowskates will have available later this month a 145cm powder surfer for deep days and a 115cm one for more aggressive freestyle riding. We don’t have pictures yet, but here is a picture of what they have done in the past.