The Backstory-Desiree Leipham

Posted By: Freeride Chronicles on February 28, 2014 12:22 pm

One face that shows up a lot in the Freeride Chronicles Series is Desiree Leipham, a ripping skier that powers her way through the snow with grace.

Desiree Leipham Charging Hard at Mt. Spokane

Desiree Leipham Charging Hard at Mt. Spokane

Since she was a young child Desi has always been an impressive skier but what you may not now she played another professional sport as well.

Desiree Leipham "Dropping In" at Monashee Powder

Desiree Leipham “Dropping In” at Monashee Powder

Check out Desiree Leiphams Backstory here.

Watch Desiree Leipham Video highlights from 2014:

Desiree Leipham from Bob Legasa-Freeride Media on Vimeo.

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