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Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on December 8, 2008 12:00 am

The story of the women’s World Cup is fast turning into a one-act play starring Lindsey Vonn. Last season, Vonn won the overall World Cup title, only the second American woman to do so since Tamara McKinney 20 plus years earlier.  This season, Vonn already has two wins in just four stops, including a miraculous first-place finish in Levi, Finland to capture her first World Cup slalom event.  

Her childhood resort was Buck Hill, Minnesota , a “hill” in the truest sense of the word, totaling 300 vertical feet.  The Ski Channel talked to Lindsey about Buck Hill, family trips to Vail, her favorite mountains to ski, with whom she’d like most to ski those mountains, and computer battles with her husband.  

On her childhood:

Growing up in Minnesota, we used to ski every night. We didn’t have chairlifts, we had a rope tow .  So it was more like we would, you know, gossip and chat at the top of the run, and there was like a “warming hut” at the bottom.  Besides the social aspect, it was great to, you know, get a couple runs in at night. I love the lights.  

Family Trips to Vail:  

My whole family used to travel from Minnesota to Colorado just to ski at Vail so it was a good 16 to 18 hour drive. Driving in the car for that long with the fam is not always a good thing .  

Top Three Mountains:  

Top three mountains that I love to ski at would be number one, Vailthe back bowls in Vail , I mean Blue Ski Basin is incredible.  St. Anton, Austria , beautiful place, and I have to say Lake Louise, Canada just because it’s so beautiful.  

One Person to Ski With:  

Well If I had to ski with one person and it doesn’t matter if they’re a skier or not, I would have to say Roger Federer because I am a huge Roger Federer fan.  

On Marriage:  

I love being married. Thomas is a great person and I just love him so much . I’m just working on my husband to be able to use the computer. He always hogs the computer, we only have one when traveling on the road all winter. He’s just a computer hog .  

Favorite Website:  

I know this is kind of cheesy but I have to say my favorite website is my own , Red Bull built the website for me and it’s nice because it’s kind of like Facebook in a way, you got the message book up there and I can talk to my fans and I can kind of show people another side of me that maybe they don’t get to see when I’m racing with my helmet on.

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