what does a horses sway back mean

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on December 8, 2008 12:00 am

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As the Academy Award is for an actor, so is the Gear Junkie‘s recently announced 2008 winners include:  

- The REI Shuksan and Kulshan jackets.  “REI went out on a limb this year to become the first big-name national retailer to embrace eVent fabric, a primary competitor of Gore-Tex. The result is a line of waterproof and breathable shells (pictured to the left) that feature streamlined construction and minimal features — like a shell should be — plus pricing that is fair for this type of expedition-quality outerwear. (men’s REI Shuksan and women’s Kulshan both $289.)”

- Duofold Varitherm Base Layers. “Fine and non-itchy wool is my preferred material for base-layer clothing. But most companies’ sheep fuzz offerings hover at $80 or more. The Varitherm line ( www.duofold.com ) is inexpensive, starting at $39, and it performs with a wool-based wicking fabric that’s topped with a treatment called Dri-Release to further move moisture during activity in the outdoors.”

- Jetboil Helios.  “Dubbed a “high-performance cook system,” the $150 Helios is an all-in-one kit — pot, stove and fuel pack together — perfect for campers in need of convenience and high heat output. The rocket-engine burner in my tests produced a dancing blue genie of a flame that boiled a cold liter of water in 2.5 minutes flat.”

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