Horizon’s Daily Flights to Mammoth Good Times

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on December 18, 2008 12:00 pm

Mammoth is Skier’s Heaven.  I’m not the first to proselytize, as I’m sure you’ve heard other folks wax poetic about Mother Nature’s treasure known as Mammoth.  With 1.6 million annual skiers, Mammoth Mountain is the California destination for skiers and boarders seeking an epic mountain to match their demanding expectations.  Year after year, Mammoth delivers.  Take a gander through the singles line and marvel at the international flavor.  You can play your own game of Guess Where That Accent is From?  The secret that is Mammoth has busted out worldwide.

Today, Mammoth steps out fully into the spotlight.  Horizon Air, part of Alaska Airlines, begins its daily, one-hour flights from Los Angeles.  "Horizon’s inaugural flight to Mammoth Mountain is one of the most pivotal moments in the history of the resort and the town," said Rusty Gregory, CEO of Mammoth Mountain. "The air service transforms a five-plus hour drive from Southern California into an hour’s flight, making Mammoth even more convenient to experience."

Some couples’ special day gets rained on, but Mammoth and Horizon’s special day got the star treatment from Mother Nature.  Three plus feet of fresh snow fell on the mountain resort this past week.  These are the kind of snow conditions that elicit uncontrollable shouts of happiness to no one in particular, while floating down the mountain. Although for Mammoth, a magnet for snow clouds, massive snow dumps are commonplace, as are resulting shouts of joy.

One million, six-hundred thousand is not a small circle of secret bearers.  With Horizon offering daily flights, how many more folks will expound superlatives about the view from the top of Mammoth?  Taking in the pointy peaks of the Minarets down to the floor of the Owens Valley, all before gobbling away altitude on the mountain’s vast terrain.   And make no mistake, it’s Mammoth’s terrain that sets it apart.  From steeps to groomers, whatever your desire, Mammoth has it in spades.  Options that go from deciding which route to take down the mountain, to which route to take getting to the mountain!

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