Jackson Hole Tram: 4k Vertical in 9 Minutes

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on December 27, 2008 10:00 pm

New and improved.  That’s your cereal, your detergent.  New and improved.  A phrase that has become trite through overuse.  To remind us all what new and improved really means, say hello to the new and improved Jackson Hole Tram.  Double the passenger load, plush cabins, and only nine minutes to the top.  That’s 4,139 vertical feet, the longest lift-served vertical in the U.S., in nine minutes.  Rain Man says that’s 540 seconds.  New and improved.

Thankfully, what has been left unchanged is what to do once you land on top of Rendezvous Mountain.  Because it’s always been about Jackson Hole’s monster terrain.  Terrain that has become, in more recent times, much more famous.  Through its films, the home-based Teton Gravity Research has introduced an entire new generation of skiers and boarders to Jackson Hole.  One of snowboarding’s best, Travis Rice, is a resident.  As is Harrison Ford.

Jackson Hole is the cred band every hipster musician mentions.  Jackson Hole, not just cool, now new and improved.

photo courtesy Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

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