Break a Helmet, Not Your Skull: REI Ski Helmets for $35

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 6, 2009 11:00 am

In 1979, the president of the National Hockey League announced that protective helmets would become mandatory.  Although, players who had signed contracts before the introduction of the helmet law were free to ignore the mandate.  As the years went on, it just looked odd to see a hockey player without a helmet.  Yo, Mensa, the sport is played on ice!

A similar evolution has taken place on the ski hill.  Ten years ago, helmets seemed overprecautious to many.  But, just as the non-helmet wearers of the NHL soon became an oddball minority, so today is the non-helmet wearing skier.  Yo, Mensa, the sport is played on ice and trees!

It’s time for you, the last holdout, to realize your loved ones would prefer your continued existence here on Earth.  I proselytize from a place of love.  Strap a helmet on.  REI is currently having a massive sale on ski helmets, priced as low as $34.93.  There are plenty of styles and shapes, even for the big-headed Charlie Brown types out there.  As any recent convert to the helmet will tell you, after wearing a helmet you’ll soon wonder how and why you ever rode without one.

photo: Bolle Shellmet Winter Sports Helmet – 07 Closeout @ REI $34.93

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