Jamaican Skier Errol Kerr to Compete in Olympics

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 6, 2009 11:00 am

Cool Runnings put the Jamaican Winter Olympic team on the map.  Usain Bolt made us wonder what was in the water of the little island nation.  And now Errol Kerr stands poised to legitimize the Jamaican Winter Olympic team at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010.  The 22-year-old lives in Truckee, California but holds dual citizenship from his Jamaican father.  "The Jamaica Ski Federation has been around since 1999," explains Errol.  "So now we are just taking it one step further, and we are putting together a serious team that is going to go take on the world."

If there’s any doubt about his drive and determination, Errol recently rigged up a snowmaking machine, and constructed a mini ski cross course complete with starting ramp right in his backyard.

Errol and the Jamaican Ski Federation will undoubtedly be one of those heart-warming stories the networks love to cover ad nasuem at Olympic time.  But, unlike his Cool Runnings predecessors, Errol is already a competitive force in ski cross, placing fifth at the last X-Games.  How long before Disney executives are angling for the movie rights?

photo: Errol Kerr at backyard ski cross course complete with homemade snow.

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