Mike Singletary Wins Nude Freestyle Chairlift Championships

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 6, 2009 11:00 am

The shocking come-from-behind victory by the American team in the Freestyle Chairlift Championships was best summed up by the duo they displaced at the top of the podium.  "We knew they were going to pull out something very special for the finals,"  remarked the Hungarian team, the overwhelming favorites heading into the competition.  "It was like Tony Hawk pulling out the 900 at the X Games.  Once he landed it, you knew it was over." 

As is the case with these specialized events, the name of the trick takes a bit of deciphering.  A variation of the classic Fakie 180 Eggflip, the maneuver added an entirely new twist.  "Throwing the one-legged stall into the standard trick has opened up a whole new avenue of possibilities," remarked Mike Singletary of the victorious American duo.  "Everybody has the Fakie 180 Eggflip in their bag of chairlift tricks.  It’s cooked.  You know, back in the day, this sport was about progression, and that’s what we wanted to do, progress the sport."

Not to be lost in the post championship commotion was the role of Singletary’s partner, 90-pound wunderkind Kyle Zirpolo.  "Kyle’s 180 backrest double-grab had to be precise.  The trick in itself is not unusual or difficult.  But, the precision, the technicality of Kyle’s execution allowed for our success."

Already the trick has been dubbed "The Singletary" and will no doubt lead to more technical, and correspondingly, more dangerous tricks in the future.  In 2009 and beyond, to win in chairlift freestyle, judges now expect competitors to have multiple inverted tricks.  This development is not lost on the veterans of the sport, who quietly lamented the new generation’s pushing the danger quotient too far.






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