Mt. Bachelor Recovering from Weather Trauma

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 12, 2009 1:00 pm

There’s good and bad news to be found in the plight of Mount Bachelor‘s temporary closing last week.  A brutal storm, which initially dropped welcomed snow, turned into a "Pineapple Express", an unseasonally warm storm that dropped freezing rain powered by extremely high winds.  When the dust had settled, it was as if an ice artist coated a layer of ice on to everything and anything on the west side of the mountain.  General Manager of Mt. Bachelor, Dave Rathbun, said, "The recent ice storm that brought 48 hours of rain in below freezing temperatures had a minimal impact on the east side of the ski area. It is skiing well. That is not the case from Pine Marten and to the west. So far we have documented a lift tower lifting arm that was bent by the weight, many chairs that have had the safety bars ripped off, broken communication lines, hundreds of downed trees, and many other challenges that continue to present themselves associated with the ice storm.  We are actively working to address all of these issues, while keeping safety at the forefront."

I did say there was some good news in all this.  The tropical rains were heavy enough to consolidate the snow-pack, creating a good base to hold future storms, and the heavier load of those storms.  The weak snow base layer has been a big problem out West this ski season, and although rain is usually the kryptonite of ski resorts, in this case the rain did some good.

Right now, Seventh Mountain Resort, the closest accomodation to Mt. Bachelor and a favorite among winter enthusiasts for generations, is offering free skiing and your third night free.  The setting is one-of-a-kind, complete with outdoor pools, jacuzzis, and an ice rink.  There really is nothing better after a day of skiing than the outdoor jacuzzi.  All hail!

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