Crested Butte Expansion Onto Snodgrass Mountain Appears Imminent

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 13, 2009 3:00 pm

It appears the lengthy travails of Crested Butte‘s planned expansion onto nearby Snodgrass Mountain has come to a favorable resolution for the Colorado resort.  A U.S. Geological Survey report dated January 8th has been made public.  In it, there appears little that will hinder Crested Butte from its own version of Manifest Destiny.  Two recent studies by the U.S. Forest Service and Crested Butte Mountain resort were conducted to ascertain the feasibility of lift-serviced skiing and its resultant environmental effects.  Two primary locations of concern were found, but it appears these areas of concern will only require slight tweaking of Crested Butte’s master plan.  This represents a significant milestone in the long history of Crested Butte and Snodgrass Mountain, as the first feasibility study was conducted way back in 1976. “After four years of pre-NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) evaluation, we are very pleased to have the geology issue answered and now behind us,” said Michael Kraatz Vice President of Planning and Development for CBMR. “We anticipate having the adjustments to the Master Plan including Snodgrass complete by the end of February. The formal Snodgrass proposal and the Master Plan will then be submitted to the Forest Service at that point. We anticipate the Forest Service will take several weeks to review the proposal and Master Plan and we hope to be in NEPA by late spring.”

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