Bob Stowell, 86, Ski Patrol

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 20, 2009 6:00 pm

In 1922 construction began in the Bronx on Yankee Stadium.  In November of last year, after 85 years of memories, deconstruction began on the "House That Ruth Built".  Bob Stowell was also birthed by the year 1922.  And last year, Bob was not torn down, but he did have both his knees replaced.  This is no crippled, over-the-hill man, however.  In fact, Bob’s in better shape then men half, or even a third his age.  At 86 Bob skis every day.  Not just as a leisure activity, but as president of the Pacific Northwest Division of the Canadian Ski Patrol System.  Any man who was alive while there was still an Ottoman Empire probably has much to share.  Thankfully for us, Bob’s memories are ski based.  "In those days we used to call our skis wooden barrel staves. There were no steel edges and our bindings were homemade from a rubber inner tube that we cut as straps. It was hard to turn so we went straight most of the time," said Stowell, who wore his regular winter foot wear, since the "ski boot" was still an idea for the future.

Go find Bob at his home mountain, Purden Ski Village, the largest ski mountain in central British Columbia.  Take a lift ride with him, hear the stories, and be thankful for the slight pain in your boots.  It’s better than rubber tire holding your feet to wooden staves.

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