X Games Slopestyle Course Elicits Anxiety on Eve of Sunday Finals

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 23, 2009 11:00 am

Creativity.  A skill of necessity for painters, musicians, and slopestyle specialists.  The X Games Slopestyle finals will feature massive doses of creativity, superhuman athleticism, a crash-course in advanced geometry, and a heaping amount of danger.  The X Games have gone bigger this year, challenging the athletes with a bigger pipe, and also a bigger slopestyle course.  The course has drawn a chunk of negative reactions for it’s lack of set-up time between features.  One of competition’s favorites and current #2 ranked Dew Tour Slopestyle guru, PK Hunder, has called the course "SUPER SCARY… They have a jump where we land 10 feet from certain death every run.  Alright, maybe not certain death, but i´m pretty sure you could die."

Get ready for the visual party!  With so many different features on this year’s course, it will be interesting to see which tricks riders pull out from their big-old-bag-of-tricks.  Which options on the course do they decide best fits their run?  How will the fear factor play out?  Will the judges be more inclined towards the subtle rail technicians, like JF Houl, or will the massive jumps be the deciding factor?

All is TBD.  The X Games Slopestyle Finals will air live on ESPN, Sunday, 2:30pm EST.

photo: PK Hunder, not scared on his Myspace page

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