TJ Schiller Rises to Top of Podium at X Games Slopestyle

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 25, 2009 3:20 pm

Returning from a big knee injury, TJ Schiller took the outside lane as an alternate invite to X Games 13 Slopestyle, and rode that spot to the top of the podium.  A remarkable rise for Canada’s Schiller, and a bit of disbelief on his part probably summarized the sentiment of the other competitors.  Upon Colby West’s final run and posted score, Schiller quitely reflected, "No way.  Did that just happen?"  Indeed it did, TJ.  

It was an athletically dominating performance on a course that challenged the competitors ability to overcome fear.  A massive channel gap was mandatory for those wanting to finish on the podium.  18-year-old Sammy Carlson wins silver, and crowd favorite, especially among the ladies, Colby James West fills out the podium with bronze.

It’s also a podium finish for Matchstick Productions "Seven Sunny Days".  All three on the podium Sunday were featured in Seven Sunny Days.  Gold medalist TJ Schiller’s part is highly recommended.  Quite dreamy and relaxing, filmed on helmet cam by bronze medalist, Colby Jones.

photo: Mattias Fredriksson

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