Winter Storm Alert: Snow Queen Continues Her Tour of West

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 25, 2009 2:00 pm

The Snow Queen visited the West in a big way, and continues her national tour through Utah and Colorado, dumping fresh blankets of powder white snow.  The first reviews of her performance came from Mammoth Mountain with two feet of fresh powder.  The audience demanded an encore, and she’s still showering white flakes from the skies above.  Kirkwood has received in excess of two feet of new snow, and an encore of another foot of snow is expected before the house lights are turned on.

Moving west to Utah, Solitude has added 27 inches of new snow to its base.  Park City and Alta both have received two feet from the revered Snow Queen.  In Colorado, Aspen has checked in with 18 inches.  Jackson Hole, Wyoming, has equaled that total and looks to lure more action from the Queen of Snow with their special incentives.

The Snow Queen, she is a fickle lady.  There was a time early in January when many thought her love for us was waning.  This national tour of late January should calm our insecure hearts.  All hail the Snow Queen!

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