City Rooftops to Staircases on Skis! It’s Red Bull PlayStreets on Sunday

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on February 11, 2009 10:20 am

First Red Bull took snowboarding to a park in Manhattan, and now for the second year, they are taking freestyle skiing to the streets of Bad Gastein.  The Austrian town of Bad Gastein is definitely not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good.  "Bad" simply means "spa", and any town with a "Bad" in its name likely offers mineral water treatments.  Moms are happy.  The broader definition of "Bad" signifies the resort nature of the town.  Got it? 

In the chicken or egg debate, which came first, the video game or Red Bull PlayStreets?  It’s a course that winds it’s way through the city, off roof-tops, over bridges, and down staircases.  This Sunday, 20 of the world’s best freestyle skiers will descend through the streets of Bad Gastein in a scene that will surely dazzle both fans and competitors.  It’s the second year of the event, and obviously, if Red Bull’s throwin’ it, it’s gonna’ be good.  Who are the mad scientists behind the curtain over there at Red Bull? 


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